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Garden Tubing Flexible Pipe

Product Description

Garden Pipes :
We are manufacturing MODIGOLD best quality Garden Pipes in India by using  99.99 % pure DOP oil. We are manufacturing Garden hoses in two quality :-


ii.    MODI GOLD            - SUPER QUALITY

iii.    MODI FLEX              - ECONOMY QUALITY

Types of oils:
Two types of oil used in manufacturing Garden pipes and suction hoses :-

a.    DOP oil(di-octyl phthalate) - Costly and quality is very superior.

Oil will leak after 2 years.

b.  CPW oil(Chlorinated paraffin wax) - Cheaper and poor quality.

Oil will leak within 6months.

MODIGOLD use only DOP oil.

 SKU :


i.    Nylon Foam – Very Good quality and did not damage if truck passes over it. Bulk demand in Andhra Pradesh and Bombay.

ii.    Milky Pearl/Milky Colour (Opaque )

Modigold Plus:

1.    Nylon Foam

2.    Transparent 50/50 Colour.

3.    Double coating

Modiflex: Only in Milky colour.

Size available:

½” ,¾”, 1”

Length of bundle

1roll=31 mtr. Or 102 ft. Other companies give 30 mtr we give 1 mtr extra.


1.    Modiflex

½” 3.5kg

¾” 5kg

1” 7.5 kg

2.    Modigold Milky colour/Nylon foam/Pearl Weights:

½” 3.5 kg

¾” 5.5kg
1” 8.5kg

3.    Modigold Plus weight

½” 4kg

¾” 6kg

1” 9kg

Standard packing in bags:

½” 1 Bag contains 15 rolls

¾” 1 bag contains 10 rolls

1” 1 bag contains 7 rolls

FOR ALL brand,quality and variety



Each bag has 3 different colours of rolls like green, orange ,yellow, blue or pink.


Garden pipe is in per kg for Modiflex ,Modigold ,Modigold Plus.

Speciality from Sales Point of view:

1.    Good quality Oil is used which is DOP oil 99.99% pure.

2.    One of the oldest and trendsetter product.

3.    Does not get affected by heat or cold.

4.    Does  not get torn from sides.

5.    Even if kept in dealer shop for days it does not leak oil.

6.    bigger coverage so better brand awareness.

7.    Modigold Plus 2 yrs guarantee for any oil leakage or manufacturing defect.

8.    Digital printing with meter marking .

9.    We have mass production capacity.  Ie. 7 tones/shift (Appx 500 tons/month) so can be easily given during season time which is not possible for other competitors.


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