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LD Pipes

Product Description

 Lay Flat Hoses / LD :-

It is made of LLDPE Raw material  hence known as LD.

We are manufacturing LD in Three categories –
i.    From virgin materials :-  Available in Transparent(Modigold Plus),

ii.    Orange, Green and yellow colours (Modigold)

iii.    Reprocess :- Available in Black, milky (Modiflex)

iv.    The SKU in this product is 2 inch, 2.5 inch , 3 inch , 4inch , 5 inch and 6 inch . The 3 inch variant is fast moving item.

v.    Dealer checks quality by strip cutting method. He cuts a strip and stretches it,more it stretches more is strength.

vi.    We provide free bags with modigold and modigold plus products.


2” ---- 6kg

21/2” --- 8 kg

3” light ----7 kg

3” Heavy---10 kg

4” -15 kg

5” – 20kg

6”- 25 kg

All are in 200 feet. However  certain customers demand more length and different weights.


2” ----1 bag has 10 rolls

21/2” ---1 bag has 8 rolls

3”----1 bag has 6 rolls

4”-----1 bag has 4 rolls

5” ----1 bag has 2 roll

6” -----1 bag has 2 rolls

Advantage Over other Competitors:-
i.    We are manufacturing LD in anti Rodent colours hence free from rat problem.

ii.    Easy to fold.

iii.    Does not develops cracks even in sunlight.

No guarantee no warrantee Products.
Highest Capacity in Central India.


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