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Piyush Plasto chem. Pvt ltd. Is associated with Plastic Industry and is involved in manufacturing of PVC pipes,water tanks and hoses.

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Less Wear

Less change in the axial length of the hose during the application. Less interior rippling of the hose due to change in the length.

Long Service Life

Our pipes & hoses with this symbol are specially designed for workshop use and laying on the floors.

Very high tensile strength.

Our pipes & hoses are made with selective raw materials which consist high hygienic safety. Our quality product allow to be used in food applications.


Our hoses made from PVC raw materials differ as follows from many of the hoses commercially available.


The particularly high quality mixtures of PVC materials, as well as the optimized, reinforced hose designs from Modigold results in substantially less wear in pumping.

High flexibility

This symbol is only used for Modigold hoses that are highly flexible and have the following characteristics